See what the experts say:

Randy Waldrum
Houston Dash

I’ve had the privilege to work at some of the WORLD CLASS COACHING Seminars and have utilized their coaching resources for many years now, and I must say that WCC has always been on the cutting edge of coaching education. Thanks so much once again for providing us with a tool that keeps us informed and educated in such an easy way. – Randy Waldrum – Head Women’s Soccer Coach – Houston Dash, Former NCAA National Champion Coach with the University of Notre Dame, 2004 & 2010

Phil Roscoe
Liverpool Academy

I have used WORLD CLASS COACHING for a number of years as a coaching tool to access new ideas and philosophies from around the World at an elite level. With WCC, I can find any article I want with the search function, print it out and take it to the practice field or just access it on my phone. Needless to say, I recommend it to soccer coaches of all levels. – Phil Roscoe – Liverpool F.C. Academy Coach

Anson Dorrance
University of North Carolina

I have known WORLD CLASS COACHING for over decade as company that produces quality coaching material and seminars. They are able to bring that same quality coaching material to coaches all over the world with their online membership options. WCC is a great resource for coaches of all levels. – Anson Dorrance – Women’s Soccer Coach, University of North Carolina 21 National Championships and Three Times World Cup Winning Coach

Dan Minutillo

“I Save time, learn, and quickly help my team by using the very well organized WORLD CLASS COACHING Membership. It makes my job as a soccer coach easier and, in turn, benefits my players. It’s a great soccer coaching tool”. – Dan Minutillo – Author, Formation Based Soccer Training

Rob Gale
Canadian U17 Head Coach

All coaches at every level are always looking for new and invigorating ways to deliver sessions and drills to our players. We all borrow good ideas from other coaches. WORLD CLASS COACHING is perfect for this – whether it is to review, refresh or reinvent the ways we want to do things – we now have a one-stop shop where we can resource and find the material and turn into our own training sessions on the field. I encourage all coaches at every level to always look to learn and discover more, and WCC will help out in this regard to no end.” – Rob Gale – Canadian U17 Men’s National Team Head Coach

Steve Swanson
University of

WORLD CLASS COACHING offers the entire coaching community access to an extraordinary resource to help develop players at all levels. As coaches we all seek to have our players better understand the game and their roles within the team through our training sessions and the way we communicate with them. WCC gives coaches unique access to training sessions of the top coaches and clubs throughout the world which can only help bring new ideas and new ways of communicating the game to your own players. It is the ultimate soccer development tool! – Steve Swanson – Head Women’s Coach – University of Virginia

Rob Podeyn
Fresno Pacific

WORLD CLASS COACHING has been defining education for over 15 years and they’ve just advanced it another 15 years. No magazine, book or video could ever equal the impact of their memberships. It is practically a library of every session and drill they have collected for over 15 years. It’s like having every professional coach at your side while you plan your sessions. – Rob Podeyn – Women’s Head Coach, Fresno Pacific University

Tony Englund
St. Croix SC

I have built my coaching library around WORLD CLASS COACHING books, videos and their magazine for years. As a coaching director, team coach and author, I am constantly seeking the very latest in coaching materials and trends and the WCC Membership gives me instant access to this anytime I need. I recommend the WCC Membership as the first and only mandatory resource to all of the coaches with whom I work. – Tony Englund – Assistant Director of Coaching, St. Croix Soccer Club

Terry Michler
CBC High School

I have attended WORLD CLASS COACHING seminars and used their stuff for years to help put together my training sessions. They have now taken things to the next level with the WCC Membership. Everything I can possibly need is right there…and I love the search function. – Terry Michler – CBC High School Coach and the USA’s most winningest high school coach