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It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that WORLD CLASS COACHING has partnered with Through this partnership, has built a special option for WCC members to create WORLD CLASS COACHING style diagrams. Starting immediately, we at WORLD CLASS COACHING will use to create all diagrams for our articles, books and videos.

And the good news is, you can create a free account at so you too can create WORLD CLASS COACHING style diagrams. Simply click the link below to create your free account and start creating diagrams now.

Click here to create your free account now

Check out the video below for more info and a video showing how works.


What about WCC’s Session Designer?

We will be phasing out support for our own Session Designer by the end of the year. So if you are an existing user, you should switch to right away. We also strongly recommend that you download and save all the diagrams you currently have in the WCC Session Designer to your own personal PC so you don’t lose them. There is even an option in where you can upload these diagrams there and use them to create new training sessions.

Why are we making the change to

So why the switch? Our own Session Designer is now five years old. It has served us and our coaches well, but technology has advanced and we now feel the time is right to move onto something new, better and that will be updated regularly keeping it on the cutting edge of technology. With you will be able to:

 ~ Create diagrams on your PC, tablet and smartphone

 ~ Share diagrams with others

 ~ Search and view diagrams from other members

 ~ Build complete training sessions

So check out and create your own free account and start creating your new WCC style diagrams and training sessions right now. You can get familiar with how to create diagrams with their easy-to-understand user guide.

Click here to create your free account now

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them in the Comments section below.

About the Author Mike Saif

DWR says May 12, 2016

I enjoy this new program but what is this thing with a free trial for 29 days??? I paid for the drills database so why do I have to pay for premium? I thought session designer was included?

Jason M says May 12, 2016

Having issues with accessing this. Is this going to be a trial version or do we get a certain level of membership from them? More information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Max says May 13, 2016

Hi, this is max from You can still use the session designer in the free version – even the 30 days is expired. In the 30 days trial period you can test the entire premium features with like animation, team management, session management etc. If you have further question you can contact us in the support channel in our app. Best regards, Max

Barry Smith says May 13, 2016

As per DWR do we have to pay after the 29 day free trial period?

Mike Saif says May 13, 2016

The reason for this is that when you first register with to create diagrams, you are given a 30 day trial of their Premium Membership that allows you to save as PDF and create animated drills among other things. If you like all the additional features, you can subscribe when the 30 day trial is over. If you don’t want the additional features, your account will simply revert to their Free Membership after 30 days.

Note – the Free Membership allows you to do everything you could do with the WCC Session Designer, which is basically to create diagrams.

So you are getting some additional features free for 30 days that’s all.

Jamie says May 13, 2016

Yes, am already a member of pt for over a year. You can create exercises, teams, players and view the exercises in their database using the free account. Thinking about getting the premium features atm, compared to others it looks like good value for the money..

Joe Coniglio says May 16, 2016

When I attempt to create an account with my e-mail address it says my user name has already been used. When I choose forgot password it says that it sent me a new password but I have never received a new password.

If I sign on with my facebook, which is a different e-mail from the one I use for WCC will I still get everything for free?

Thank you,

Joe says May 17, 2016


    You’ll still have access and a free 30 days preview of the Premium Membership. After that you’ll still have access to the free version.

Jim Bruno says May 18, 2016

Not interested in adding additional cost to an already expensive one.

    Mike Saif says May 19, 2016

    There is no cost Jim Bruno. It’s a free account for doing diagrams and you can pay for a Premium account if you want to do addition stuff like manage your team, animated drills, etc.

Kelly Shantz says May 29, 2016

Your message today is good timing, but I am still struggling. It shows my free period as expired. I created a fitness session and saved it, but seem to be able to do nothing with it. No print icon or anything. When I click on “Save as PDf” I get a prompt to pay for Premium and can’t move past it. I am pretty frustrated with it…. am I doing something wrong?

Kelly Shantz
Kamloops, BC, Canada says May 31, 2016


    When you click on an exercise under, ‘Recent Exercises’ it will open. Then click on the image and it will enlarge. You can save the image by ‘right-clicking’ and selecting, ‘Save image as…’ That will allow you to save the image to your hard drive.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Mike Edwards says June 9, 2016

How does one, who has opened a free account, re-enter the diagram app? I don’t see a link to click on the WCC website home page.

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