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Are you using the "Favorites" folder? Info on upcoming new books for members and do you watch English Premier League games? Check out the video for all the info.

Favorites Folder - Select up to 30 articles and "Favorite" them for easy access at a later time.

Upcoming New Books - So far we have added 19 new books that are all included as part of the Elite Membership.  We have new books that should be released in a few weeks that are the training sessions from the academy of a pro club.  Other books in the pipeline are Shooting and Finishing SSGs, Soccer Conditioning, How To Structure a Training Session, plus others.

English Premier League Opinion Videos - Let's have some fun with this.  Jonny Carter puts his butt on the line every week with his opinions.  Let us know what you think.  Are his opinions right or wrong?  Let's go through the season and see who is more right than they are wrong.  It's not too serious.  Actually, it's more fun than anything else.  The videos are available on the WCC Training Center or our Youtube Channel.

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