WCC Elite Membership Video Example – One Touch Passing

This week we share a video from our Elite Membership level.

We have had lots of coaches asking what are the videos like that we upload every week to the Elite Membership Video Library.  This example is on One Touch Passing and is Part One of a three part series.  So if you like what you see, check out our memberships here and give it a try.  There is no risk, no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

With the Elite Membership, you get 24/7 access to 600+ videos with more videos added every week.  You also get 24/7 access to 9,000+ pages of drills/exercises, along with an easy and powerful search function.  It makes your job as a coach, so much easier and better.

Have a great week!

Mike Saif

About the Author Mike Saif

Ron Smith says July 27, 2016

HI Mike,
1. I would discourage any practice that encourages players to stand directly in front of the player on the ball because its the worst position to be in, ever.
2. Julio Leal, the U20 of Brazil that won the YWC in 1993 in Australia, told me he coaches his players to play 1 touch only when it is not possible to have 2 touches. If you watch how many errors are made playing 1 touch football, at the elite level, when a player could take 2 touches it is amazing. I found it hard to believe at the time but Julio was correct back in 1993 and today.
3. I could not understand what the commentator was talking about for the opening few minutes of video because it was so abstract; he lost me.

Just some feedback Mike, keep up the good work.



Lewis says August 3, 2016

I usually coach a lot of one-touch at the upper levels (say U16 and U19). We run scrimmages where you are limited to two touches, and you get bonus points for one-touching it. Myself and my assistant call out the number of touches. We know we got them working well as a team when a possession goes:


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